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Rain Goh Yi be giving a Feng Shui talk on 16th May
2023 near Marina Bay Sands. See you there!

Rain Goh Yi be giving a Feng Shui talk
on 16th December 2022 near Marina Bay Sands. See you there!



Welcome to Yi Modern FengShui

Feng Shui in order to help you and your family live in harmony with your surroundings. The Feng Shui Singapore of your bedrooms is carefully analyzed, and everyone is given the opportunity to connect with the energy of their natural surroundings in order to improve their performance in life.

We are committed to offering the highest level of professional feng shui consultation and service to each of our clients. Every customer receives a dedicated and in-depth examination, and each of our recommended solutions is tailored to meet the specific requirements of that client.


Being aware of the cycles of your good fortune helps you to take the actions at the appropriate times. Our bazi analysis at Yi Modern Fengshui includes not only the themes, but also provides practical recommendations and advise on how to properly navigate and grow in your life.


There is a correlation between a person’s name and the events that occur in their life. When choosing a Chinese baby name for your child, it is important to take into account your baby’s bazi as this will offer your child beneficial effects that will assist in the betterment of their future luck and life. Baby Chinese name Singapore selection will provide you a bazi expert.


Auspicious Date Selection

It is necessary to choose a date that is auspicious for significant meetings and special celebrations. In addition to the Chinese calendar, your 8 Symbols are going to be looked. Rain Goh are able to supply you with ideal dates that will put your mind at ease, whether it be an auspicious date.



Wedding Packages

Master Rain will provide you and your future spouse with auspicious dates, carefully calculated according to the couple’s Bazi that will enhance the couple’s fortune.



Master Rain Goh

Principal Consultant

Feng Shui Master Singapore

Welcome to Yi Modern FengShui

Welcome to Yi Modern Fengshui, a premier Feng Shui consultation company in Singapore, founded by Master Rain. Renowned and famously known for high success rates helping hundreds of businesses across multiple industries and sizes, ranging from small retail shops to publicly listed companies, as well as individuals across Asia Pacific for the past 15 years.

Feng Shui is not an ancient Chinese folklore associated with superstition, but its mystical wisdoms are still in demand today. Rain Feng Shui Master conceptualised Fengshui to make it applicable in today’s modern world. Yi Modern Feng Shui incorporates metaphysics principles and modernistic designs to help improve the energy in your homes and yet maintain its contemporary outlook. “Yi” refers to treasures that Rain Feng Shui Master wants to share with all her clients.

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Yi Modern Feng Shui

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Clients Review

I started to engage Rain Goh service for my own Ba Zi, and I was very impressed, of what she has advised as I feel the changed in myself after followed her advice. She is very professional and passionate in what she is doing.

Apple Toh

Rain's reading of my Ba zi was accurate to a T. Through the session with Rain, I understood myself even better. Rain was very patient and detailed in her explanation. I was so impressed that I booked a session for my partner on the spot.

Elaine Low

"I was initially skeptical about Feng Shui and its impact on one's life, but my experience with Yi Modern FengShui has completely transformed my perspective. From the moment I met her, I felt her warmth and deep understanding of this ancient practice.

Cherry Lok

We engaged Rain through a friend. I used to engage a few fengshui master in the past and was confused until I met Rain. Her explanation and reasons are very detailed and different from the rest. I would definitely recommend others to engage her!

Kerene Ong

I started to engage Rain Goh service for my own Ba Zi, and I was very impressed, of what she has advised as I feel the changed in myself after followed her advice. She is very professional and passionate in what she is doing.

Esther Ng

Rain is very professional and skillful! Very patient with all our questions and concerns and really plan with our best interest at heart! She would suggest simple ways to improve the space, a great balance between interior design, what we need and what we want!

Clorine Teo


On The Fengshui Service

Master Rain, a Yi Jing Fengshui Master has changed the lives of over a thousand people over the span of the past 15 years. She has devoted her whole life to sharing the Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom that she has gained.

Master Rain specializes in Bazi analysis, Feng Shui design for home and companies, name and auspicious date selection; combining it with Oriental Psychology and Modern Divination to formulate modern Feng Shui predictions and readings.

Whether you’re located in Singapore or elsewhere, you may benefit from Feng Shui services to enhance your health, raise your wealth, and bring harmony to your personal and professional connections.

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