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The mission is to help advocate people and share more about Fengshui knowledge, debunking the myths and superstitious people have towards Fengshui. Fengshui can be very easy!

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Specialized in Personal and Property Fengshui Consultation, Master Rain,  a Yi Jing Fengshui Master have changed the live of over 2,800 people over the span of past 8 years. Working with a wide range of local and international property developers and business owners alike.

Setting the trend for modernised Feng Shui, Master Rain strives to debunk the myths of Traditional Feng Shui which relies heavily on superstition, by using evidence and explanation through combining the oldest and purest traditional knowledge of Yi Jing together with modern science and beliefs.

Master Rain prides herself in solving Relationship, Wealth and Health issues that can be avoided or improved by applying the use of modern Yi Jing Feng Shui into our daily life!


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Need a consultation
for your home?

Sometimes you may wish to look into the environment of your homes that you are living in when you are experiencing obstacles in life.

It is also for those who are looking to increase their own luck and energy in their lives through the interior design or arrangement of their home layout.