Bazi Destiny Analysis for Corporate

Do you want to know everything about Bazi Destiny Analysis for corporate? It is said that Bazi is more important when the destiny analysis is supportive and invigorating for everyone. For this, you could consider a Bazi Destiny Analysis.

Overview of Bazi Destiny Analysis for Corporate

A Chinese Metaphysic study recognizes that the energies present at the time of our birth are directly connected to the solar system’s stars, planets, and constellations.

What life has prepared for you can be actively influenced by these energies.

The choices we make in a positive, productive, and forward-looking manner can directly affect our quality of life, regardless of the time, we were born.

Having knowledge about the options available at the time allows for better decision-making.

Making good decisions can lead to more successful outcomes in life when one performs the right type of activities.

Bazi Destiny Analysis For Corporate

By referring to the ten thousand year calendar, commonly called the Hsia calendar, the characters are placed on the pillars for a person’s years, months, and days.

Chinese lunar calendars and Gregorian calendars are not the same calendars. Solar cycles last 60 years and are cyclical in nature.

Each person has their own hour pillar table, right? The day pillar can also be checked to see if the heavenly stem corresponds to the person and his birthdate.

By using the Four Pillars of Destiny, it is possible to predict someone’s luck cycle. Two stem types make up each pillar: one heavenly stem and one earthly stem.

A luck cycle can be used to learn about the lack of a group of people over the course of five years. How a Bazi chart’s stems and branches influence an individual’s luck will determine whether his or her luck is good or bad.

What does Feng Shui have to do with destiny?

What does Feng Shui have to do with destiny?

A space can be achieved in harmony and balance by using Feng Shui to place and manage objects. A theory that every object has a positive or negative energy underlies it.

According to Feng Shui, you can be happy by attracting good energy, while miserable by attracting bad energy. Creating a positive and beneficial space for the family is the aim of Feng Shui.

You may have difficulty concentrating and focusing in a chaotic, negative environment. You may suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress as a result.

The Feng Shui of your space influences your destiny and determines how successful you will be.

CVs are used in the modern world instead of resumes. Your CV explains your experience, education, and skills. A CV can easily be faked by anyone who has worked long enough.

Do you remember when you hired someone based on their CV, only to discover that they were not suited for the job?

Once it is too late, it is too late. As a result, it is crucial to determine if he or she is suitable for the job before hiring by discovering their true character, personality, potential, etc.

Bazi Destiny Analysis for Corporate 

Yi modern feng shui

Before pursuing Feng Shui full-time, Rain Goh Yi Jing worked for a Fortune 50 company as Director of Sales & Marketing.

Rain Goh Yi Jing is known for her thought leadership when it comes to customizing training and consultations to enhance workplace harmony and business efficiency.

She combines more than three decades of corporate experience with Feng Shui and Bazi knowledge.

Using her extensive corporate experience and knowledge of Feng Shui and Bazi destiny analysis, she has performed Feng Shui and Bazi destiny analysis in factories, offices, shops, malls, etc.

There are a variety of industries in which her consulting services are offered, including education, health care, legal, spa-and-beauty, etc.

A career and work success book was Rain Goh Yi Jing’s first piece of writing. There were many positive reviews for the book, which enabled readers to identify their inborn talents, excel at them, and select a career or job role that exploits their strengths.

Managing Yourself and Others and The Entrepreneur in You were published as part of Rain Goh Yi Jing’s “Being Happy and Successful” series in 2015.

An updated edition of Being Happy and Successful: Managing Yourself and Others, with an additional chapter on building successful teams, was released in April 2019. It shows significant improvements in self-awareness.

After graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Rain Goh Yi Jing has continued to pursue her passion for people development by giving talks and conducting interviews about the basics of Feng Shui, which dates back to 2000 years.

In addition to these credentials:


With a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE), I am a Singapore WSQ ACTA certified trainer.  Having read extensively and learned a great deal throughout her lifetime, Rain Goh Yi Jing has a slew of credentials to her name. The following courses are included:

  • Her studies included the Bazi Mastery Series, Qi Men Destiny, Feng Shui, and Strategic Execution modules taught by Grand Master Raymond Lo and Master Francis Leyau;
  • She is currently an affiliate for Mastery Academy’s DYD (Design Your Destiny) Program, offering modern approaches to academic and career success, coaching, and skills development.
  • Graduated from Singapore Management University with a distinction in Data Analytics;
  • Graduated with distinction from the Singapore Management University in Digital Marketing;

She has given numerous talks and interviews for companies, individuals, and daily papers as shown below, demonstrating her passion for training and people development.

During interviews:

  • Cleo Magazine Jan 2005 – Career Feng Shui Tips
  • Traditional Chinese New Year celebrations – Today Paper, 2/10/2022
  • Northeast CDC Horoscope Forecast — January/February 2007
  • Abuzz Magazine (STPB) January/February 2007 Horoscope Forecast
  • The Right Feng Shui Can Get You That Pay Rise – Cleo Magazine, March 2007
  • How to Feng Shui your career and love life – Cleo Magazine, November ’07
  • Cleo Magazine January ’09 – The way of the career
  • Love The Life Magazine – 2010 Horoscope Forecast, Jurong Point, January 2010
  • The New Paper’s Zodiac 2011 – The Rabbit Year
  • The New Paper – Feb ’11: Love Fengshui Tips for Couples.
  • Frasers Centrepoint Malls Jan 2014 Zodiac Luck & Tips for New Homeowners
  • Frasers Centrepoint Malls and Jurong Point (Zodiac 2021)
  • HarbourFront Centre animal horoscope for 2022



We provide the following services:

1) New employee recruitment using destiny profiling

A person’s personality and character can’t be determined by an interview or aptitude test. The organization will end up hiring the wrong person if the applicant fakes her way through the selection process.

The Bazi of the applicant can be analyzed to determine their character, talents, and an appropriate job function. Also, you will be told how the applicant’s luck cycle works.

Your employees for certain job functions need to be in a good luck cycle, which refers to the ups and downs of their lives. A good luck cycle CEO or sales team, for instance, is essential.

Combined with the appropriate personality and talent, they will be able to bring in a lot of business to the organization.

2) An employee’s character profile

Based on her Bazi Chart, a person can discover his character, skills, and appropriate job functions.

In this way, the HR department can utilize this powerful information for carefully planning and allocating its staff to fit certain job openings in order to increase their job satisfaction and, in turn, increase the productivity of the organization.

3) Team dynamics and allocation of members

What is the number of times you have encountered a team that is unable to work together well?

Assigning employees to different teams can maximize their cohesiveness and increase productivity, thus maximizing performance.

4) Whether a partnership is suitable

An organization benefits from a successful partnership. The world is not fair, however.

There are some people who are not suitable for partnerships. Without the right partners, the partnership will break up eventually and they will lose a significant amount of money.

Find out if you’re a good fit for a partnership before you take the plunge.


  • Employee’s birth date and time
  • Sexual orientation
  • A description of the job and its scope


Rates vary depending on the type of event/occasion, so please contact us for a quote.

Contact her now for the Bazi Destiny Analysis for corporate.


You can’t even imagine to what extent positive Bazi destiny analysis for corporate can reduce your stress and anxiety. Business owners have successfully relied on this age-old method to improve their business environment.  We hope this article about incorporating Bazi destiny analysis for corporat was helpful.

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