Bazi Destiny Analysis

Do you want to know everything about Bazi Destiny Analysis? It is said that Bazi is more important when the destiny analysis is supportive and invigorating for everyone. For this, you could consider a Bazi Destiny Analysis.

Overview of Bazi Destiny Analysis

It translates directly into eight characters in English when written as 八字 in Chinese. A life and destiny diagnosis is a method for figuring out a person’s future.

However, modern creative uses have allowed Bazi to analyze products, companies, dates, events, etc.

In Chinese, it is called fortune telling. Chinese astrology is another term for it. This type of description has some basis, but most of it is about destiny analysis.

People believe that destiny and life are somewhat predetermined when they are born.

At the moment of birth, a newborn is assigned 8 characters that are made up of certain characters arranged in a certain order.

A baby’s Bazi remains the same throughout his or her lifetime.

Four pairs of characters make up these 8 characters. The pillars are each made up of two characters. The four pillars of the world’s destiny are referred to as Bazi.

There are four pillars:

  • Pillar of the year
  • by month
  • and day
  • the hour pillar

Overview of Bazi Destiny Analysis

A total of four characters are displayed in each of the two rows. This ancient and sophisticated discipline of Destiny Analysis is known as the Eight Characters or the Four Pillars.

It analyzes and determines a person’s life path based on their birth data.

During our meetings, we do not tell the past but instead present opportunities and solutions in a positive, forward-looking manner. In the end, individuals will be in a better position to make decisions of quality.

Choosing well determines the quality of your life. Ultimately, the quality of your decision will determine whether you succeed in changing the world for the better or not.

Knowing what options are available is crucial to making better decisions. You cannot make ‘better’ decisions if you have a limited number or quality of options.

Our consultation service provides you with better options to make a more informed choice.

When faced with a difficult or important situation and at a crossroads in your life, you can make better decisions with your free will and determination to live to the fullest.

Advantages of Bazi Destiny Analysis

Advantages of Bazi Destiny Analysis

  • Decide based on knowledge
  • Enhance your potential
  • Choosing a career path that is right for you
  • Be aware of your relationships with others
  • Create a connection with your inner self
  • Understanding Chinese astrology’s five elements
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • In Bazi readings of intermediate to advanced levels, the heavenly and earthly branches combine and collide.

Basic Concepts of Bazi

It is easy to observe the eight characters’ meanings after determining them.

  • A heavenly stem on the day pillar is the Self Element
  • A branch representing earthly aspects of a marriage or spouse is on the day pillar
  • Years are pillars of childhood
  • The month pillar represents young adults
  • The day pillar represents adulthood to middle age
  • Hours represent seniority
  • Relationships between elements

Furthermore, each of the 8 characters has different connotations depending on where they are placed.

There are several important ones, including:

  • First from the left is the child in the top row
  • Second, from the left is destiny on the top row
  • Career is represented third from the left in the top row
  • Top row: Support and mentors are represented first from right
  • The first property on the left-hand side of the bottom row is personal property
  • Second, from the left in the bottom row is a relationship
  • Wealth accumulation is shown third from the left in the bottom row
  • From left to right, first from bottom: friends and colleagues

You can work out other aspects of life-based upon self-element once you’ve established it.

Bazi Destiny Analysis For Everyone

Bazi Destiny Analysis For Individual

  • Mother and resources are the elements that give birth to the self-element
  • The self-element destroys the elements that represent the father and wife and the earth.
  • Intelligence is the given element birth by the self-element
  • Siblings and colleagues are represented in the same way as the self element
  • An Earth self-element, for example, could represent the father, wood the mother, fire the children, water represent intelligence, and metal the siblings. The basis for predicting someone’s love life is also based on this.

Bazi Destiny Analysis: Yi Jing Fengshui Master


In Yi Jing’s view, life’s journey is for us to develop all the qualities, virtues, and qualities of our souls so that we can become “angels on earth” for each other every day.

Yi Jing has been involved in education and training for over 8 years as a trainer, coach, speaker, musician, and therapist. The combination of her skills, knowledge, devotion, and passion allows her to conduct highly interactive, impactful pieces of training.

With her unique talent and her passion for serving humanity, Yi Jing can touch people’s hearts, awaken their inner love and authenticity, and empower them to take action and change their lives for the better while connecting with their souls to live a fulfilling life in abundance.

Contact her now for the Bazi Destiny Analysis.


You can’t even imagine to what extent positive Bazi destiny analysis can reduce your stress and anxiety. Business owners have successfully relied on this age-old method to improve their business environment.

When doing a Bazi reading, you first need to determine whether or not the person has a strong or weak self element. This can be observed at a very basic level from what elements are present in the 8 characters and the relationship between the 5 characters.

Weak self elements are not necessarily better than strong ones. Based on a bazi, certain aspects of life can be decoded, which may be beneficial or detrimental to someone depending on their strength or weakness. Balance is important in feng shui.

Being a subject of such deep dynamics, there is a lot you can learn about Feng Shui and how it may benefit your personal life and business. We hope this article about incorporating feng shui in your business was helpful.