Bazi Destiny Analysis

Your destiny is a story waiting to be deciphered, and through the ancient art of Bazi, we navigate the celestial forces shaping your life.

Bazi Destiny

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Represented by the eight characters 八字 in Chinese, Bazi serves as a tool for understanding an individual’s past, present, and future. 

Referred to as both fortune-telling and Chinese astrology, Bazi delves into the analysis of destiny, acknowledging the belief that life’s course is somewhat predetermined from the moment of birth. 

While traditionally used in life and destiny readings, the versatility of Bazi extends to the analysis of various elements such as products, companies, dates, events, brand names, organizational titles, and wedding ceremonies, showcasing its modern and creative applications.

These are the four pillars that make up a Bazi chart: 

  • Year Pillar
  • Month Pillar
  • Day Pillar
  • Hour Pillar

Overview of Bazi Destiny Analysis

Destiny Analysis, consisting of the Eight Characters or the Four Pillars, helps a Bazi expert analyse and determine a person’s life path based on their birth data.

In our discussions, we refrain from delving into the past, instead, focusing on present opportunities and solutions in a positive and forward-looking manner. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to make decisions that benefit their life.

Making good decisions requires a comprehensive understanding of the available options. Through our consultation service, we will provide you with this insight.

Advantages of Bazi Destiny Analysis

Why you should get your Bazi read

Advantages of Bazi Destiny Analysis

Life Insight: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your past, present, and future through Bazi analysis.
Personalized Solutions: Receive opportunities and solutions presented in a positive, forward-looking manner.
Enhanced Decision-Making: Empower yourself to make decisions of superior quality that impact the trajectory of your life.
Quality of Life: Recognize the correlation between the choices you make and the overall quality of your life.
Expanded Options: Bazi analysis broadens your perspective by presenting a variety of options for more informed decision-making. Informed Choices: Benefit from a service that equips you with better options to facilitate more informed life choices.
Empowerment in Crossroads: When facing critical life junctures, Bazi analysis empowers you to make better decisions aligned with your free will and determination.

basic concept of bazi Analysis

how bazi reading works

Basic Concepts of Bazi

Bazi, also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, is a Chinese metaphysical science that analyzes a person’s life based on the interactions between the five Chinese elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and the Yin-Yang principles within the date and time of their birth.

A Bazi consultancy may include:
1. Birth Information: The key to Bazi analysis is the precise date and time of an individual’s birth. This information is used to create a Bazi chart, which consists of four columns or “pillars,” each representing a specific aspect of a person’s destiny.

2. Constructing the Bazi Chart:
Year Pillar: Represents the year of birth and the animal sign associated with the Chinese zodiac.
Month Pillar: Reflects the month of birth, with the associated animal sign and one of the Chinese elements.
Day Pillar: Corresponds to the specific day of birth, with the animal sign and another Chinese element.
Hour Pillar: Represents the time of birth and its associated animal sign and Chinese element.

Interpreting Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches:
Each pillar comprises a Heavenly Stem (representing the element) and an Earthly Branch (representing the animal sign). The interaction between these Stems and Branches reveals the dynamics of the elements in the individual’s life.

3. Five Chinese Elements and Yin-Yang: The balance and interaction of the five Chinese elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) within the Bazi chart provide insights into the individual’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential life path. The Yin-Yang principle is considered in each pillar, contributing to the overall harmony or imbalance within the chart.

4. Luck Pillars: In addition to the pillars representing the time of birth, Bazi analysis includes luck pillars that unfold at specific intervals in a person’s life. These pillars provide insights into different life stages, challenges, and opportunities.

5. Destiny Analysis: Bazi practitioners analyze the interactions, clashes, combinations, and transformations within the chart to derive information about the individual’s destiny, career, relationships, health, and other aspects of life.

6. Consultation and Recommendations: A Bazi reading often involves a consultation with a Bazi practitioner who interprets the chart and provides personalized recommendations. This may include advice on career choices, relationships, health considerations, and strategies for optimizing luck periods.

7. Life Path and Self-Discovery: Bazi readings are considered a tool for self-discovery and understanding one’s life path. It provides a framework for individuals to make informed decisions and navigate their journey with greater awareness.

Discover your ideal career

Bazi Destiny Analysis For Everyone

  • Mother and resources are the elements that give birth to the self-element
  • The self-element destroys the elements that represent the father and wife and the earth.
  • Intelligence is the given element birth by the self-element
  • Siblings and colleagues are represented in the same way as the self element
  • An Earth self-element, for example, could represent the father, wood the mother, fire the children, water represent intelligence, and metal the siblings. The basis for predicting someone’s love life is also based on this.

Bazi Destiny Analysis For Individual

Decide your own destiny with Bazi

The process of changing your destiny is driven by your choices. Yi Modern Feng Shui believes in the concept of freewill, where you are empowered to make better quality decisions in life. Speak to us about your options regarding your relationships, career or business. We can also help with determining who are the helpful people in your life, and who are the harmful ones.

Take action today and make positive changes!

A master of the day

It is called the Master of the Day in the Bazi theme. This is an important part of the analysis, providing background and context, it’s the main reference point.

A time-honored fortune-telling method used in China, the Eight Characters of Life, predicts people’s careers, marriages, fortunes, studies, and health based on theories of stem-branch calendars, Yin Yang, and the five elements. People usually make use of it in the following circumstances to tell their fortunes:

Naming: In this process, you combine eight characters with the power of words to give your baby, company, or destiny a name.

It is advisable to choose auspicious dates: There are weddings, deliveries & C-sections, starting work, starting a business, grand openings, moving, and sacrifices. You can choose an auspicious day to make a grand occasion go smoothly by combining Yi Jing and the five elements.

The destiny: By using Eight Characters, we analyze your personality, misfortunes, good fortune, auspicious days, ups and downs, and so on, in order to determine how to attack and defend, advance and retreat.

A Feng Shui of grave, house, and shop: A grave, a house, and a shop are considered in this Feng Shui. Your Eight Characters and five elements can be combined with the site to improve the invisible magnetic field.

Defeat: Using eight characters in the birth chart, one can predict their career, marriage, health, and other important factors that affect their lives.

Yi Jing and the five elements are used to remove ill fortune and improve luck so that good fortune can be pursued and disaster can be avoided.

Bazi Personality Analysis

Bazi personality analysis with Yi Modern offers valuable insights about character and potential future, unveiling strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with others. For instance, an individual with a pronounced wood element in their Bazi may exhibit traits of determination, ambition, and adaptability, while someone with a dominant fire element might display qualities of passion, charisma, and creativity.

By scrutinizing the interplay of different elements within an individual’s Bazi, we can offer guidance on career choices, relationships, and various life decisions.

How to prepare for your first Bazi session

Analyzing Bazi destiny at an advanced level

Approaching your first Bazi consultation with thoughtful questions can greatly enhance the experience and the insights you gain about your life path.

Here are some questions to consider:
– What are the obstacles in my way when it comes to making important decisions for occasions?
– Do I need help and even solutions on my next actions? – What do I want to find out about my potential career?
– What are the possible health problems that I can nullify now?
– Should I be my own boss or should I work for another? – What kind of business would I flourish in? – Do I have issues with relationships?

feng shui master for baby name singapore rain goh

Master Rain Goh

Bazi Destiny Analysis: Yi Modern Fengshui Master

With over 15 years of experience in helping clients analyse their destiny and unlock their future potential, Master Rain Goh of Yi Modern Fengshui is an expert at Bazi analysis and its practical applications. Contact her today for a detailed, fuss-free consultation to help you carve out a better, more fulfilled life.

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