Residential Feng Shui: Home Feng Shui

If anything is controversial as well as mainstream, that is Feng Shui. No matter how many controversies there are, there’s strong philosophy behind it.

Residential Feng Shui tips for Your Home to Evoke Plenty of Good Vibes

It is more about creating positivity in your life and growing constantly. According to Chinese Spiritual laws, Feng Shui for home is the best way to create a perfect balance with the natural world in our living spaces and live a happy life.

It is believed that the processes use energy forces to create an amazing balance between an individual and their environment. But creating as well as maintaining this balance is a little tricky. Just by keeping some tips and tricks in mind, you can make the entire task easy.

The principles of feng shui suggest that if you live in a home that has been carefully designed, you will be more likely to attract positive outcomes, such as financial success and improved health.

Today, we will discuss some home Feng Shui tips so that you can decorate your home in a new way and enjoy balanced energy always.

The tips we are going to discuss today are inspired by our expert Rain Goh and the result of our deep research (both online and offline). So, without further delay, let’s get started with tips for feng shui home layout that can improve your life and also change your life.

Create a sanctuary of positive energy and harmony with home fengshui. Whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world, harness the power of this ancient practice to optimize your living space. From arranging furniture to choosing colors and decor, a Feng Shui-aligned home promotes balance, health, and abundance. Enhance the flow of chi, invite serenity, and manifest your goals by embracing the transformative principles of home Feng Shui.



Some effective home Feng Shui tips for homeowners

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to balance energy (or “qi”) in space to promote good luck, a better future, health, and prosperity. In residential feng shui, practitioners will often evaluate a home’s layout, decor, and furnishings to ensure that the flow of energy is positive and conducive to the resident’s well-being.

This can include things like the placement of furniture, the use of certain colors, and the positioning of the front door. Additionally, feng shui can also be used to select a suitable location for a new home or to make changes to an existing home to improve the energy flow.

  1. Fix the squeaks asap

Have you felt your squeak or whine when you open your house door or close it? If yes, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

You know that the house door is the first or the last thing you face when you enter or leave home. The awkward sound can make you uneasy and directly affect your mood.

The door should interrupt the positivity that you are bringing to the home. If that door makes an awkward sound, you should oil the connecting joints and make the flow smooth.

It is not that you will oil the front door only. This rule is applicable to all doors you have in your house. Apart from the home Feng Shui fact, regular oiling will help you in keeping the door well-functional, and regular checkups will prevent you from initiating costly repairs.

  1. Use the front door as the main one.

There are a lot of houses with attached garages. Owners find it easy to enter the house via the garage. If you are doing that, you should increase the use of the front door continuously.

We can understand that the garage door is easy to use, and you can perform many tasks without keeping the front door open for long. But according to various Feng Shui experts, you should use the front door instead of the garage door to enter.

Using the front door more often will help enter your house’s positive power.

If you have no opportunity to use the front door frequently, you should use it at least once a week. If you can increase it, do it. If it is about your habit, make a routine to remind you about the usage of the front door.

  1. Place the home Feng Shui fountain properly.

It will not be appropriate if there is no Feng Shui fountain in your home being a Feng Shui believer. You should have one, and you should place that in the right place. According to the law of Feng Shui, water represents wealth.

All Feng Shui experts face this question on a regular basis about where the fountain should be placed in a home setting or commercial home. According to the Feng Shui principles, you should place the water fountain near the entry of your home. It can be either inside or outside according to the decor and look of your home.

But the most important thing is that the fountain should flow water towards the center of your home. It means that you are creating an opportunity to pour wealth into your life.

  1. Place the plants above the kitchen cabinet.

Start with having a deep look at your kitchen setup. You should check how kitchen cabinets are organized. If there is space to place something over the cabinet, you should place the plants there. You know that the top of kitchen cabinets attracts dust and dirt as well as stagnant energy.

It will keep the energy stuck there and encourage the dead energy that can hold you back in life. So, if you find space above the cabinet, place plants there. Along with plants, you can set some lights to make it look brighter and more energetic. These small changes will bring life to that area and properly transform the stagnant energy into positive energy.

  1. Keep the bathroom door closed.

We have mentioned that the water represents wealth, and the bathroom is the only place where water keeps going frequently. No one wants just to flush out their wealth. According to the law of Feng Shui, you should keep the bathroom door closed.

Apart from the Feng Shui belief, it will also increase the appeal of your home. No one wants to see the commode when they are having their lunch or dinner or enjoying a movie with popcorn in the drawing room. Apart from this, you should keep the toilet seat cover down.

We can see that home Feng Shui is not only concentrating on creating more positivity and maintaining balance but also improving your home’s aesthetic.

  1. Focus more on your bed position

The home Feng Shui law suggests that we should place the door in the commanding position. The bed is the most valuable piece of furniture in your bedroom, and that’s why it needs to be in a commanding position. We spent a lot of passive hours there.

In your bedroom, you should place the door in a way so that you can easily see the door. We know that it is not always possible for you. If it is not possible in any way, you should place a mirror in a unique position and get a view of the door via that mirror.

There are various types of unique freestanding mirrors available in the market, and you can easily try one to follow the best home Feng Shui rules.

The bedroom should get more natural light. You can decorate your bedroom with artificial lights, that’s okay. But there should be open spaces to enter natural light into the room.

The natural light, especially the mild morning sunray, removes all the stored negativity in your home. The fresh air, mild light, and calmness will not only fill your room with positivity but also make you feel fresh and more alive.

  1. Cover the TV when it is not in use

Nearly all of us have a television set in our bedroom. It’s easy to enjoy shows on TV while sitting or lying on the bed. It is really comfy to eliminate stress. But the television set in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep.

There are a lot of people with good health who face trouble sleeping. If you are facing the same, it’s time to cover your television set with a soft and nice scarf or stylish TV cover. After watching the shows, when you turn off the TV, gently cover it with a scarf. It will also increase the appeal of your bedroom.

According to the home Feng Shui law, the active energy of the TV set and the electronic aspect disrupt sleep. It creates an imbalance inside the room that disrupts your sleep. So, it will be better if you cover it when you are not watching it.

  1. Keep your windows clean always.

When you are inside your home, windows are the way to see the external world. You should see what the universe wants to make you see, and there should be no filter or dirt and dust. No matter if spring is coming or summer, you should do the window cleaning on a regular basis.

The window glasses and other stuff should be clean and shiny. In this way, you will be able to see the real world from your windows. A clean and shiny window will enhance your room’s overall look. It’s hygienic, it’s attractive, and it’s good according to home Feng Shui rules.

  1. Keep everything organized

Keeping everything organized means maintaining a systematic and orderly approach to managing tasks, objects, information, and time.

A clean and organized home looks really amazing. No matter how busy you are, you should regularly clean your home and organize it. The messy you keep your home, the more puzzled you will feel inside.

If the home is not clean and everything is there in an unorganized way, you will feel less energized, and soon you will find that you have no vigor left inside to do something new and better.

Even after a time, you will find it hard to perform your daily tasks on time with care and quality. In the morning, you should start with organizing your bed and rest things you can do throughout the day. Just keep everything in place and keep them once a week.

These are 9 simple the above yet very effective residential feng shui Singapore tips that anyone can follow and bring more positivity to life who wants to know about Feng Shui Tips. You don’t need additional money to follow and maintain home Feng Shui; you just need to do things properly.

Rain Goh is generally regarded for having reinvented feng shui as a more contemporary and holistic approach, while yet maintaining the age-old traditions that are associated with the practice.

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