Overseas Feng Shui Consultation (100% Result Driven)

Do you want to know everything about Overseas Feng Shui Consultation? It is said that Overseas Feng Shui is more important when the analysis of the property is supportive and invigorating for everyone. For this, you could consider a Overseas Feng Shui Consultation.

Overview of Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

The principles of classical Feng Shui can be applied to any property, whether it is commercial or residential. In fact, Yi Jang can help you bring harmony and prosperity to your environment no matter where you live, whether you are Singaporean, English, or from another nation.

Feng Shui can be used in the home or workplace by people of all cultures and creeds. If you hire Adelina Pang as your principal consultant to audit the Feng Shui of an overseas property located outside of Singaporean territory, you’ll receive the following:

  • Principal Consultant, Yi Jing, conducted a thorough Feng Shui site assessment and provided advice on the overall layout plan
  • Construction of a natal chart based on client birth data
  • Analyzing the interior of the property
  • Locations and directions recommended by others
  • Changes that should be made, recommendations
  • Changes should be undertaken at a time and date that is convenient for you
  • Plans are reviewed after they have been modified
  • An overview of the audit’s results as fast as possible

Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

Yi Jing will only perform overseas Feng Shui audits for properties outside Singaporean territory if the client covers all related travel and accommodation expenses. 

If you are seeking Yi Jing’s services overseas, she is also available for telephone or e-mail consultations, but please note that all expenses related to calls must be covered by the client. This applies to both in-person and phone meetings.

With Yi Jing’s masterful guidance, you can attain balance, compatibility, and more. Make your space more vital and well-being-enhancing with expert guidance, then watch those in your space experience an increase in vitality. 

Introduction of Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

No matter your nationality, culture, language, or religion, Feng Shui can be harnessed and used to your benefit. 

The search for the ideal business location, starting a new business, establishing a corporation, restructuring an existing firm, renovating and reorganizing, and seeking opportunities for growth and expansion are just some of the ways we can assist you.

Purchasing the right home premise and preparing to renovate could be on the Residential front. 

Introduction of Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

The possibility exists that you could be going through difficult times and would like to change the situation, encourage harmonious relations in the workplace or household, boost wealth and health, grow your career, build a relationship, and enhance your academic pursuits.

The use of Feng Shui enhances one’s ability to achieve greater success, enhances his or her quality of life, and promotes a better way of life. Become a Master William Chay client and request an on-site Feng Shui consultation, audit, assignments, and projects outside of Singapore. The following will be provided to you:

  • The Feng Shui site survey should be thorough and professional
  • Conducts personal consultations with our Principal Consultant regarding overall layout plans
  • Analyze and construct a Bazi report based on the client’s birth data
  • In case of need, Bazi analyses can be conducted for each member of the household or key personnel
  • Analyzing the interior of the property
  • Date of the business opening ceremony to be auspicious
  • Time and date recommendations
  • Plans are reviewed after they have been modified
  • A summary of the audit results can be found here

The client is responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses when engaging us for consultations, audits, assignments, and projects outside of Singapore.

Overseas Feng Shui Consultation with online meetings

Overseas Feng Shui Consultation

During the stay-in-shelter months, how can you make the most of your home? Want us to review your plans before you start construction but can’t schedule an on-site visit?

Would it be difficult for us to visit you if you live in a different state or country, or would your budget make an in-person consultation impractical? Now we offer Remote Feng Shui Consultations via online video conferences as a convenient way to discuss our results and recommendations.

We only need the following information from you:

  • It’s OK to have plans that are not to scale as well (pdf format).
  • Date of construction of the structure.
  • A description of the year of birth of each occupant (if applicable).
  • The exact address of the lot or property on which the building will be constructed.

We will prepare a written, customized, comprehensive report of our evaluation of the property once we receive these items, along with full payment by check, PayPal, or credit card, and share it with you online via our secure screen-sharing system (at no extra cost to you) following our inspection of the property.

Whether you use Feng Shui in your home or business, the effects will be the same as when you consult with someone in person.  You will still enjoy the beauty and effectiveness of this Feng Shui interior and exterior design.


Yi modern feng shui

Often, Yi Jing works on Feng Shui surveys in countries, and she receives requests from around the world. In the beginning, we would like to receive some images of your property, as well as information about your concerns, priorities, and reasons for having the consultation.

After discussing your overall requirements, Yi Jang prefers to suggest travel options and provide an estimate of the fee.  You will always be treated with respect and confidentiality regardless of your cultural preferences and customs. Yi Jang’s schedule will be outlined once the arrangements have been agreed upon.

The shared travel cost will help you become more economical should you have a consultation with someone else at the same time. If a project is ongoing, a longer stay is typically required to complete the work for an overseas corporate client. 

If you need a Feng Shui survey tailored to meet your specific needs, we are always happy to arrange an international visit.  Emails, electronic files, phone conversations, and Skype conversations are normally effective for following up and handling additional requirements.