Let me help you create the best living conditions with matching topology which will in turn create the best environment, achieving “nature and humans as one”


The core of Fengshui is "Nature and humans as one"

Residential / Commercial Consultation

Fengshui is about the relationship between you and your environment. As it focuses on you and your natural habitat, it’s a very important factor in your home design. Everything from the layout of your house to the placement of your mirrors and accessories can affect the Fengshui of your home and you

Personal Consultation

Fengshui can be a very effective tool for helping people to create harmonious working and living environments, which can also bring about other changes for the better as a consequence. Be it relationships, career, or your marriage luck, Fengshui has detailed tips for almost any area of one’s life

Bazi Analysis

In the Bazi, knowing yourself and your energy means you can make the best of what is given to you by destiny; or the factors present a the time of your birth. Understanding your inner self will help you create successful, happy life, this is the basic premise of the Bazi

Name Selection

An auspicious name is an important asset to you. It will assist you in many important aspects of your life, such as your marriage, luck, and career. It will help you to succeed, take advantage of lucky opportunities and fend off crisis and misfortunes. A good name will help ensure a smooth path for your life’s journey

Auspicious Date Selection

Date selection is considered to be one of the most important factors in Feng Shui practice. There is a perfect time to perform a particular activity where events will be able to proceed smoothly and eventually towards success.

Car plate / Telephone No. Selection

Numbers can aid you in life by attracting specific energies into your life. Some numbers can bring good fortune to you and Other numbers can bring the opposite result. Feng shui is all about balancing the negative and positive.


There is a reason why this form of knowledge was never lost, yet passed down from ancestor to generation. It has life to it, and we should apply it to our daily lives.    


Our Costumers Reviews

Clorine Teo

Rain is very professional and skillful! Very patient with all our questions and concerns and really plan with our best interest at heart! She would suggest simple ways to improve the space, a great balance between interior design, what we need and what we want!

Yan Fei

Really Grateful to Rain professional and detailed explanation. With her advice, I start to experience positive energy even with some changes. Definitely look forward to a new change after fully implementing

Loh Kahpei

感谢Rain的专业指导,人生单靠努力奋斗,再加上风水布局调整,确实能有事半功倍和改善人生旅途上的挑战。 有恒心,有意志,人生旅途会更好。谢谢Rain

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